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14 January, 2021

Popular holiday destinations in 2021: The Caribbean's best islands according to The Caribbean Journal

The Caribbean Journal has named the best islands for holidays this year. We tell you what's good about holidays in the Caribbean and how to get to the islands during closed borders.

Best Caribbean islands for holidays in 2021 according to The Caribbean Journal
Photo: Adobe Stock

The Caribbean Journal is an online publication that specialises in tourism and travel in the Caribbean. The journalists regularly publish the best places to travel to and note the successes of Caribbean countries in the tourism industry.

For a full list of the best Caribbean islands according to The Caribbean Journal, visit the online magazine's website.

St Kitts: The best island for yachting, cruising and exclusive holidays

The island of St Kitts has an amazing natural setting. The island's highest point is the extinct volcano Liamiuga, which had a salt lake in its crater until 1959. The rugged coastline forms many coves with sandy beaches

The island's natural features have helped it to develop its maritime industry. The island has one of the best marinas in the region, Christophe Harbour. It can accommodate 250 vessels, including large superyachts. We talked about this in the article 'Best hotels and marinas in the Caribbean for holidays and investment in 2021'.

St Kitts ports regularly receive cruise ships, with more than 2 million tourists visiting the island in the past two years. Which cruises to take in 2021, talked about in the article "Best cruises to Europe, the US and the Caribbean in 2021".

The island is home to the Park Hyatt St Kitts, the brand's only resort in the Caribbean. The five-star hotel is located in Christophe Harbour, on the shores of Banana Beach. All rooms overlook the sea and the resort features a spacious terrace, two outdoor pools, a spa and a restaurant serving local cuisine.

Liamiuga volcano in St Kitts

Liamiuga volcano is 1,156 metres high

A marina where citizens of St Kitts and Nevis can register and keep their yachts

Only citizens of St Kitts and Nevis are allowed to register a yacht at Christophe Harbour.
Source:, 2021

Park Hyatt St Kitts Hotel

Park Hyatt St Kitts Hotel's superluxury rooms feature private rooftop pools with island views.
Source:, 2021

Liamiuga volcano in St Kitts
A marina where citizens of St Kitts and Nevis can register and keep their yachts
Park Hyatt St Kitts Hotel

Antigua: Paradise beaches, all-inclusive hotels and nature care

Around 270,000 tourists visit Antigua Island each year. And the resorts are spaced far enough apart to provide a sense of total privacy and harmony with nature.

Antigua is famous for its sandy beaches. There are 365 of them - "one for every day" as the locals say. One of the most beautiful is Half Moon Bay, which has a crescent shape. And snorkelling aficionados will be impressed by Morris Bay, 400 metres from the shore at Cades Reef, the largest coral reef in the island area.

Curtain Bluff Hotel is a six-minute walk from Morris Bay Beach. The resort was named a top all-inclusive hotel in 2020. We talked about it in the article 'Best hotels and marinas in the Caribbean for leisure and investment in 2021'.

Antigua has also been named a top eco-tourism destination. The Green Corridor, a network of eco-friendly hotels and resorts, has been created along the island's southwest coast. We talked about it in the article "The Lonely Planet's Best Destinations for Tourism in 2021".

The island is home to Wallings Nature Reserve, cared for by local residents and volunteers. Visitors can also visit Nelson's Dockyard National Park to see the 18th-century forts and take in a bird's eye view of the island

Morris Bay beach in Antigua

Morris Bay Beach is located on the west coast of Antigua Island. The beach is a picnic arearnwith tables under the tall palm trees.

Curtain Bluff Hotel in Antigua

The 72 rooms at Curtain Bluff overlook the sea. Guests can relax in the spa, play tennis, take yoga and diving classes.
Source:, 2020

View from Shirley Heights Fort in Antigua

Shirley Heights overlooks English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour

Morris Bay beach in Antigua
Curtain Bluff Hotel in Antigua
View from Shirley Heights Fort in Antigua

Second passport for Caribbean holidays during closed borders

In the summer of 2020, Caribbean countries in the region were among the first to open their borders to tourists. Because of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, states had to bring back entry restrictions. For example, to enter St Kitts and Nevis, one must apply online for entry and submit a negative test for the coronavirus.

Caribbean nationals have the right to return to the country at any time. Foreigners obtain passports for St Kitts and Nevis and Antigua and Barbuda, including for investment. The processing takes from three months to six months. If you apply soon, you can be in time for the start of the summer tourist season.

A St Kitts and Nevis passport can be obtained for investment from $150,000. Programme options include a contribution to the country's Sustainable Development Fund and the purchase of properties from an approved list. For example, this includes the Park Hyatt St Kitts Hotel. If an investor invests from $200,000, they will get a free stay at the hotel for a couple of weeks a year.

Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda is granted for contributions from $100,000 to the country's economy. Investors make a one-off contribution to the National Transformation Fund or the University of the West Indies Foundation, buy shares and apartments in hotels, and invest in businesses.

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent of Caribbean citizenship programmes for investment. If you want a second passport for free travel, contact the investment programmes' experts for consultation.

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Popular holiday destinations in 2021: The Caribbean's best islands according to The Caribbean Journal