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Yulia Veremeva

Director of Partnership Development, certified IMC specialist

The partners’ Immigrant Invest network was expanded under Yulia’s leadership. Today it includes more than 300 companies: banks and financial corporations, real estate agencies and law companies, visa centres and travel agencies, concierge services and family offices, tax consultants and other partners.

The Partnership Development Department, created by Yulia Veremyeva, offers complex support to the companies:

  • clients’ and partners’ case management;

  • trainings, webinars, consultations;

  • joint activities;

  • marketing materials, including presentations and newsletters.

Yulia is a speaker of key professional events in the investment migration field and a certified Investment Migration Council specialist.

Yulia Veremeva

Work experience

In the field of investment migration

10 years


PhD courses of The Moscow Academic University of Education, speciality in Comparative historical, topological and comparative linguistics


Scher School — School in Business Travel


The Moscow Academic University of Education and Foreign Languages, English Philology Faculty


IFALPES, French Language School in Annecy


Yulia Veremeva