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Immigrant Invest held a series of business meetings with partners in Kazakhstan

Almaty, KazakhstanSeptember 19—25, 2022
Immigrant Invest held a series of business meetings with partners in Kazakhstan

Immigrant Invest’s business week in Kazakhstan. Meetings with partners


Meetings were held in Almaty


15 presentations, seminars and training for partners were held within a week in Kazakhstan by Immigrant Invest representatives Yulia Veremeva and Dmitry Romanyuk. Companies that provide services to wealthy clients, including realtors offering luxury properties, legal and financial consultants and heads of banking departments for VIP clients, actively participated in the meetings.

Contracts were concluded with new partners who would start selling investment migration services.

Immigrant Invest offers the highest partner commissions in the field and helps to prepare marketing content.

The Portugal Golden Visa and the Malta Permanent Residence Programme are the most demanded among investors from Kazakhstan. These programs offer to get a temporary or permanent residence permit in an EU country by investing at least €150,000. The residency obtaining term is 2 to 8 months.

A residence permit allows its holder to enter the Schengen countries without visas and stay in the country of residence without time limits. Investors’ family members can become European residents, too. Thus, children can study in an EU country without needing to obtain student visas. Besides, residents can freely access the services of European banks.

Dmitry Romanyuk

Dmitry Romanyuk,

Partner relationship manager at Immigrant Invest

We are proud of our partners and see how fast the region’s demand for residency investment programs grows. Investors think about how to gain the freedom of visa-free travel, ensure a prosperous future for their children and invest in real estate in developed countries. For entrepreneurs, a transparent business climate and an opportunity to register a company in an EU country and enter the international market are essential.

Dmitry Romanyuk has noticed an open and effective collaboration between Immigrant Invest and WWT Group, the only licensed agency in Central Asia that helps investors buy high-end real estate worldwide. The agency’s experts assist in selecting and purchasing properties in the UK, the USA, the UAE, and European and Asian countries.

Immigrant Invest with a partner — WWT Group

Dmitry Romanyuk with the Chief Officer of WWT Group

We invite all the interested companies from Kazakhstan to become Immigrant Invest’s partners. We offer full support to our partners: conduct training and help to start selling investment migration services.

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Zlata Erlach
Zlata Erlach

Head of the Austrian office

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