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Immigrant Invest invited partners from Kazakhstan to a business lunch at the Villa Dei Fiori restaurant in Almaty

Almaty, KazakhstanSeptember 2022
Immigrant Invest invited partners from Kazakhstan to a business lunch at the Villa Dei Fiori restaurant in Almaty

A business lunch hosted by Immigrant Invest in Kazakhstan. A meeting with business partners


The lunch took place at the Villa Dei Fiori restaurant in Almaty


Why more and more wealthy people obtain residency or citizenship by investment and which programs are in the highest demand among investors from Kazakhstan: these topics were discussed at a business lunch hosted by Yulia Veremeva, Director of Partnership Development at Immigrant Invest.

10 companies attended the lunch. Those were large-scale realtors offering luxury properties and managers who work with VIP clients.

Yulia Veremeva talked about the opportunities for new EU residents. Investors from Kazakhstan are primarily interested in the Portugal Golden Visa, Malta permanent residence and the Greece Golden Visa.

Yulia Veremeva

Yulia Veremeva,

Director of Partnership Development, certified IMC specialist

We are regularly contacted by citizens of Kazakhstan who wish to get temporary or permanent residence permits in the EU. The number of such requests grows every half a year. In response to demand, we help our partners get a complete picture of European investment programs. And we are grateful to our partners for their effective cooperation.

People want to freely visit the Schengen countries, provide children with an opportunity to get a European education, relocate to a developed country, and access the services of European banks. All these opportunities are opening with becoming an EU resident.

For the business lunch, Immigrant Invest chose the Villa Dei Fiori restaurant in Almaty, one of the five best restaurants in the country. An exquisite serving, a classic design of venues, and excellent cuisine were the highlights of the lunch.

Real-life communication allows Immigrant Invest agents to inform clients professionally about government-approved investment programs. Within a month after the lunch, the partners addressed Immigrant Invest with several new requests from investors from Kazakhstan and other countries, such as Iran.

We invite all the interested companies from Kazakhstan to become Immigrant Invest’s partners. We offer full support to our partners: conduct training and help to start selling investment migration services.

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