The Residency Permit Program
of Greece Real Estate Investment

Greece Golden Visa Program

Investments: €250,000+
Timeline: 3 months

About the program

Greece offers a government program that allows foreign investors to obtain a residency permit by investment (Greece Golden Visa Program).

Within the program, the investor chooses one of the investment options and receives a residency permit for the whole family. Residency permit by investment in Greece can be obtained by citizens of any country that is not a part of the European Union. There is no need to learn the language or history of the state. Program participants have no obligation to reside in Greece either before or after obtaining the status.

This program is for those individuals who want to have visa-free access to the Schengen countries, the ability to travel to Europe, and, after 7 years, obtain citizenship of an EU country

Basic conditions for receiving residency permit of Greece

Residency permit of Greece

3 months


From 250 000 €


Five years

Investment return


Investment options

Basic conditions for investors

  • Older than 18 years old

  • No criminal records

A residency permit of Greece can also be obtained by

  • Spouse, official, or civil marriage

  • Children under 21 years old

  • Parents

Children as well as parents must be proved as dependent on the main investor.

Investment options for
the residency permit of Greece


From 250 000 €

Purchase of any real estate properties in Greece. It is necessary to own the property for at least 5 years.

Other real estate investment options:

  • A five-year lease agreement for hotel accommodation
  • A 10-year lease agreement for residences in tourist accommodation complexes
  • Purchase of a plot of land for construction or for farming. Five-year ownership is required.
  • Purchase of a share in a tourist property. Five-year ownership is required.


From 400 000 €

The deposit can be closed after 5 years by transferring funds to another account in any bank.


From 400 000 €

Purchase of shares and/or bonds of the companies in Greece, government bonds of Greece, purchase of investment funds shares. Securities can be sold after 5 years.

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Receiving procedure
residency permit of Greece

Greece has a government program that allows foreign investors to obtain a residence permit by investment.

ВНЖ Греции за недвижимость
Timing: 3 months
Investments: 250 000 €

Why is it profitable to obtain a residence permit in Greece?

- Greek citizenship after 7 years;
- Visa-free entry to the Schengen countries;
- No requirement for permanent residence;

How to get a residence permit in Greece?

- from 250,000 € investment in real estate.
- from 400,000 € making a deposit for 5 years
- from 400,000 € purchase of shares, bonds, shares

Stages of obtaining a residence permit in Greece

Preliminary check

Timeline: 1-3 days (remotely)

We conduct thorough due diligence prior to the application for citizenship by investment. This reduces the risk of denial to around 1%.

In case Due Diligence shows possible obstacles to the application result, we will recommend an alternative program.

We are leaders in the industry with an official on-site Compliance division. Our Compliance Anti Money Laundering Officer is certified by the International Anti Money Laundering Association.

Choice of the Real Estate Investments

Timeline: 1-3 days (remotely)

We help the investor decide on the real estate investment strategy in Greece. Our experts analyze the situation to help you choose the best option.

We show the details of the real estate market in the country.

Selection of real estate objects

Timeline: 7-14 days (remotely)

We offer a selection of properties according to your wishes (area, number of rooms, availability of infrastructure, etc.).

We cooperate with the major real estate agencies in Greece and offer the largest amount of properties to choose from reliable developers.

Preparation of documents

Timeline: 1 week (remotely)

We collect and prepare documents for your residency permit in Greece. We will fill out questionnaires and forms and our attorney will give you appropriate advice. All documents are translated into Greek, notarized, and apostilled.

View the selection of properties

Timeline: 3-5 days (in person or remotely)

If you want to invest in real estate, we will organize your trip to Greece to view real estate properties. Our staffer will accompany you. You can also select properties remotely - we will organize a video broadcast for inspection.

We will open a bank account in Greece for transferring funds when buying real estate and paying program fees.

Our lawyer will accompany the process of real estate purchase and sale, certify the necessary documents and forms.

Submission and consideration of documents

Timeline: up to 2 months (personally for fingerprint biometrics)

We will accompany your visit to fingerprint biometrics.

We take care of all further issues related to the submission of documents and registration within the framework of the program.

Immediately after submitting your application, you will receive a certificate that allows you to legally reside in Greece for 1 year or until you receive a residence card.

Obtaining residence permit

Timeframe ( 2 months from the date of submission)

Your personal presence when receiving cards is optional. Our lawyer can do it for you and send documents to your address.

Step by step procedure

Send a request and receive a step-by-step procedure for obtaining a residency permit of Greece with all the details you need to know

Benefits of a residency permit of Greece

Elena Ruda

Lawyer, Development Director

Ways of obtaining Greek citizenship through a residence permit

Ordinary residence permit For investor
Greek Language knowledge Yes Yes
Exam Yes Yes
Terms of obtaining the citizenship 12 years 7 years
Residence in the country is required Yes Yes
Denial possibility High Low

A residency permit for an investor is issued for 5 years with the possibility of extension. After 5 years it can be extended for another 5 years. After 7 years of permanent residency in Greece, the investor can apply for citizenship.

We have been working in the Citizenship - by - investment program market since 2006. We help wealthy individuals to gain additional freedom and move beyond frontiers and borders.

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For over 15 years we have been working with the government immigration programs of the EU countries. Thanks to a wide partner network, we quickly resolve any issues that might arise.

Complete support

We accompany clients from the first consultation to the moment they obtain a residency permit and beyond. We help extend the residence permit after 5 years. We provide support if you need to move.

100% satisfied clients

With our help, more than 20 families have received a residence permit of Greece. They already enjoy all the benefits of EU resident status. Thanks to the preliminary check, not a single client was rejected!

Elena Ruda

Lawyer, Development Director

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