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Portuguese residence permit

The calculation includes all associated costs, schedule of payments and associated legal costs in the citizenship application


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Answers to frequently asked questions

List the family members included in the application for citizenship together with the investor. Please include an e-mail address where we can send your individual calculation in PDF format.

The costs are directly related to the number of additional applicants included in the application for citizenship together with the investor. The degree of kinship is also important. By specifying family members, you will receive an accurate cost calculation.

If you plan to apply for Maltese citizenship just for yourself, please select “no” everywhere for family members.

We will send you a personalized cost calculation for you and your family within one hour. The calculation will contain both basic costs, as well as additional costs, such as state duties and commissions. In this way, you receive an accurate estimate of the costs involved.

We e-mail the calculated cost to you within one hour after we receive the completed calculation request form. If you do not receive our calculation within one hour, please check your spam folder, as it could be mistaken for spam.

Immigrant Invest is a government-licensed agent for citizenship and residence by investment programs. This means that we have undergone and passed Due Diligence checks by the governments concerned and have been issued with licenses from the governments of the countries offering citizenship and residence permits by investment programs.

We will propose a course of action suited to your individual needs and goals when we meet in the office or online

We will select a country and citizenship or residence permit by investment program that addresses your requirements and any issues that you may be facing. Furthermore, we will support you throughout the whole application process.

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