Which countries have the best health care? Global Health Security Index

195 стран получили оценку эффективности и безопасности здравоохранения. Исследование провели журналисты газеты Economist и американские ученые. Рассказываем, какие страны подготовлены лучше всего к эпидемиям и как государства справляются с их последствиями.

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Health Systems: A Global Health Security Index
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The Global Health Security Index is an international health survey that assesses the performance of systems around the world. Scientists at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security and the Nuclear Threat Initiative Center analyzed the data.

The purpose of the study is to help national governments identify gaps and enable them to assess the progress of their health systems in the future.

How the Global Health Security Index is compiled

The study was first conducted in 2019. The index assessed the health of residents of countries and the level of development of health systems in 6 categories and 34 indicators. Scientists took data from open sources of international organizations, such as the WHO, the World Organization for Animal Health, and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

Six major categories:

  1. Prevention – how countries prevent the emergence or detection of new pathogens.

  2. Epidemic Detection and Reporting – capturing the early detection of epidemics and countries’ reporting of epidemics that is publicly available.

  3. Rapid response – the ability of countries to respond quickly and mitigate the spread of an epidemic.

  4. Health system – assessing the reliability of treatment of patients and evaluating the quality of health workers’ protection against disease.

  5. Compliance of systems with the standards that are set by WHO.

  6. Risk Environment – assessing the risks posed by the poor environmental quality and the vulnerability of countries to biological threats.

The study showed that even countries with very high health system scores are not prepared for new outbreaks of infectious diseases. Global preparedness for epidemics and pandemics is weak, with an average score of 40.2 out of 100.

73% of the world’s population live in countries that scored less than 50 on the Health Security Index. Russia ranked 63rd with a score of 44.3. But the countries with the highest scores have effective health care management systems and policies.

10 countries with the best health care

Place Country Scores
1 USA 83,5
2 Great Britain 77,9
3 Nederlands 75,6
4 Australia 75,5
5 Canada 75,3
6 Thailand 73,2
7 Sweden 72,1
8 Denmark 70,4
9 South Korea 70,2
10 Finland 68,7

*The full ranking of countries on the Global Health Security Index can be found at Ghsindex.org

How a residence permit or second citizenship helps you get treatment abroad

Resident status and citizenship help you get to a clinic abroad quickly. In the usual situation, Russians get a medical visa for treatment abroad. It takes time: it is necessary to obtain an invitation from a clinic, collect a package of documents, make an advance payment or pay for treatment.

Residence permits and citizenship provide an opportunity to be treated abroad without obtaining a visa. Each status has its own opportunities:

  1. Citizens of Caribbean countries and Vanuatu visit the United Kingdom and Schengen states, some of which have topped the list.

  2. Maltese nationals are treated on preferential terms in the EU and travel visa‑free to the UK and the US.

  3. EU residents are treated in the Schengen countries and stay in the country that issued the status without restrictions.

In addition to treatment, the status will help extend the rehabilitation period or undergo it in another country, visit the patient and save on medical services. We told you in what situations you will need second citizenship and what status to choose in order to be treated abroad.

Index of countries with investment programs

Place Country Scores
2 Great Britain 77,9
13 Switzerland 67
20 Portugal 60,3
26 Austria 58,5
37 Greece 53,8
40 Turkey 52,4

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Autor: Мария Колесникова
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