Dominica switches to biometric passports

August 27, 2020
Dominica goes on to issue biometric passports
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Photo: Adobe Stock
The Government of Dominica will start issuing biometric passports. The first documents of the new model will be issued in March 2021.

This innovation is being implemented within the framework of the program to upgrade the border control system on the island. This was announced by Minister of Defense and Interior of Dominica Rayburn Blackmoore.

Why need a new passport format?

Citizens of Dominica are still fingerprinting documents. However, passports of the current sample are machine-readable, i.e. information about the owner is encoded as a chain of characters for optical recognition. A special chip with scanned owner data is built into the biometric passport.

The biometric passport will increase the protection of the document against forgery and misuse. Dominica’s citizens will be able to pass through border crossing controls faster. The government also notes that the new document format will help control migration traffic and organized crime.

Increased document security as a trend

Increased security through the transition to biometric identification documents 一 global trend. The EU government has tightened the requirements for ID-card security in the regulation of June 20, 2019. According to the regulation, all EU member states will complete the transition to the new documents by August 3, 2031.

Earlier we said that Malta was one of the first countries to start issuing ID-cards with fingerprints and enhanced protection against forgeries. In mid-August the government of Cyprus started updating documents of its citizens.

Steps to attract foreign investors

Earlier we wrote that the government of Dominica was making citizenship programs more convenient. Only in July-August this year 3 such changes were proposed.

  1. For families of 4 people there is a discount when choosing the option of gratuitous contribution to the national fund of the country. If the family consists of an investor, a spouse and two other relatives besides siblings, the amount of the donation will be reduced by $ 25,000 and will be $ 175,000 instead of $200,000.

  2. The list of family members who can obtain citizenship together with an investor has been expanded.

  3. The government relaxed the conditions for children and parents by simply providing evidence of substantial financial support from the main applicant.