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Portugal will raise the price of the golden visa, but you can still get a residence permit at the old price

The new conditions will help Portugal address two issues: the redistribution of investment received and …

Popular holiday destinations in 2021: The Caribbean’s best islands according to The Caribbean Journal

The Caribbean Journal is an online publication that specialises in tourism and travel in the …

How to get a residence permit in Malta in 2021: new conditions for investors

Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship and Community Affairs Alex Saliba shared the government’s plans at a …

Statistics on the residence permit programme in Portugal: How much and in what invested the most in 2020

The Portuguese Migration Service regularly publishes statistics on the programme. The reports on the official …

Top 10 countries wealthy people choose to live in

Where do wealthy people move to The 10 countries of choice for wealthy people to …

The best European, US and Caribbean cruises in 2021

1. Sicily, Malta and the Aeolian Islands Valletta, the capital of Malta Countries: Malta, Italy …

5 new entertainment worth up to $ 55 million for wealthy people

1. Expedition to the Titanic OceanGate Expeditions will launch underwater expeditions to the legendary Titanic …

Addendum to Maltese citizenship law: why the government has abandoned its decision not to disclose the names of investors

The Minister for Citizenship has been given the power to remove names from the lists …

How to obtain a residence permit in Greece in 2021: new conditions due to the pandemic

The changes apply to investors who have already received residence permit cards for investments or …

How European cities are decorated for New Year’s Eve

Lisbon, Portugal Lisbon is decorated every year with lights and garlands for Christmas and New …

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