Residence in Portugal: the Path to Personal Security and a Better Education for Children

Clients’ names and photos have been changed
ВНЖ Португалии - образование для детей и безопасная жизнь
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Our clients have found a secure place in Cascais, Portugal. The program for obtaining residence in Portugal by purchasing real estate has helped them find happiness and provide children with ample opportunities for quality education. In today’s case study, we will show you how exactly.

Our protagonists

A family of economists from Moscow:

  • Alexey, 42, director of a large financial fund in Moscow
  • Marina, 40, an employee at one of the major banks
  • their daughter Alisa, 8, a student at a private college
  • their son Yura, 5, is attending a private kindergarten

The problem

Aleksey and Marina are affluent and successful people who own an apartment in the city center and a private house in the suburban village of a closed type. In the last few years, the couple felt increasingly worried about their family’s safety. That fear forced them to move out of Moscow apartment into a country house but even then they did not feel comfortable as the house had been robbed twice.

Alexey was forced to spend 10-11 hours a day at work and seriously feared for the welfare of his children. These fears caused extreme anxiety and life in a constant atmosphere of fear and discomfort did not contribute to health.

Meanwhile, our clients adore their children and try to plan everything in their best interests.

Searching for a solution

The solution popped up unexpectedly. A friend invited Alexey and Marina to Cascais, Portugal for a few days. Our heroes were familiar with the couple since their university years. They have already bought a house and moved to Portugal. The friend also advised Alexey to seriously consider moving to Cascais and organized them a tour of the town.

Our future clients fell in love with the city. Alex is interested in sports and he was struck by a number of different sports sections and clubs for children, as well as their affordability and quality of education. Sailing, tennis, horse riding, golf, football – there was a huge range of sports facilities nearby.

Marina was surprised by the kind attention towards children on the part of the Portuguese. Cascais offers plenty of opportunities for training and education. There are branches of international schools with the highest ratings here. Alexey became interested in the possibility of enrolling children in one of the leading American schools as he always wanted to see Yuri and Alisa as university students in the United States.

Also, the couple liked the warm attitude of locals towards Russians. They liked the mild climate and high quality of life which they did not expect to find there. According to them, Cascais is a modern European city with a developed infrastructure and facilities to conduct profitable business. Back in Moscow, Aleksey and Marina began to seriously discuss the possibilities to move to Portugal.

Contacting Immigrant Invest

Since their Portuguese friends relocated to the country using residence by investment program in 2013, our clients decided to move the beaten path. Moreover, the program is proven and very popular among the affluent people from the CIS countries. Following advice of their friends, Alexey and Marina contacted our company.

The meeting at our Moscow office was fruitful. The couple talked about their problems, goals, objectives and impressions of Cascais. In turn, our employees told them more about the possibilities of the Golden Residence Permit Program from the Portuguese government.

In particular, the Portuguese government offers a flexible system of investing in real estate that allows saving about 45% on the purchase and golden residence permits. Depending on the property type, you can invest EUR 280,000-EUR 500,000. Alexey decided to buy high-end real estate.

Property search

We directly cooperate with the leading estate agencies in Portugal and found several options according to the family’s requirements. As a result, our clients decided on a 4-room apartment in the center of Cascais, located in a condominium with a swimming pool and a playground for children.

The legal side of the purchase was completely controlled by our Portuguese partners so Alexey and Marina were absolutely protected against any problems. We helped them to open an account in one of the Portuguese banks to buy property and pay administrative fees.

Applying for residence permits in Portugal

It took us about a week to prepare documents to be filed for investor’s residence permit.

  • Our experts helped Alexey to collect the necessary documents, translated them into Portuguese, apostilled and notarized the papers.
  • Our lawyers provided spouses with detailed recommendations on completing the questionnaires and application forms.
  • We accompanied the spouses to the Portuguese Immigration and Borders Service and helped them submit their biometric data.
  • The further procedure no longer required their direct presence and our experts decided on all questions concerning the application on their own.

Obtaining residence permit in Portugal

Reviewing the application took 4 months. After that, we were notified on a decision in favor of our clients. The personal presence of our clients to collect the cards was not needed so they were collected by our representative. We handed permits over to Alexey and his family.

The result of our cooperation

Together with children, Marina moved into a new house in Cascais immediately. Alexey can’t quit his job right now so he visits his family every weekend. This is not convenient so Alexey plans to move to Portugal for permanent residence soon. However, it is necessary to explore local opportunities for starting a business. This is what Marina is busy with at the moment. The couple already has a few ideas that can be implemented as soon as possible.

Alexey is happy that his family is in complete safety and the children have the opportunity to get the education he always wanted for them. Alisa and Jura are enrolled in an American school. Marina is studying Portuguese and has acquired new friends. She confessed she had no idea there were so many Russian-speaking people living in Cascais.

Benefits for our customers

  • Secure place of residence where there is no fear for the safety of property, family health and well-being
  • Accommodation in a European city with a high quality of life
  • Quality education for children
  • Profitable investment in luxury real estate
  • Transparent possibilities for conducting business
  • Travelling in the Schengen area visa-free
  • Vacations at the best European resorts
  • Tax benefits in the first 10 years
  • Citizenship Portugal in 6 years
  • Simplified procedure of registration residence permits for investors

Our clients greatly benefited from the government investor program and found the new quality of life in Cascais. If you are interested in the possibility of getting a safety net in Europe, contact us, subscribe for our blog updates, ask questions in the comments below and choose the country to your liking.

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent for government programs in the European Union and the Caribbean.

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