Examples from the practice of obtaining Citizenship and Permanent Residence in Malta

Real cases and stories of our clients

Government license № AKM-IMIN 21

Maltese permanent residence by investment: how to prove ownership of assets

Permanent Residence in Malta for Entrepreneurs: Proven Ownership of Assets of €500,000 Required

Matvey and Oksana are owners of IT companies. They used to travel to Europe often for conferences and for their summer vacations. In 2020, their …

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Malta Permanent Residency by investment for a family of cosmopolitans in 2021

Permanent Residence in Malta for Cosmopolitans who Already had Residency in Three Countries

Valeria and Stepan are citizens of Russia, but since 2002 they have been permanently living in Kazakhstan. Valeria also conducts business in the UAE where …

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Malta permanent residence for a young family from Kazakhstan

Sometimes people who want to spend time in a particular European country are sure that to do this, they need to apply for a residence …

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Malta permanent residence permit for business, work and study in Europe

The choice of a particular country and getting a status in this country depends on the goals and objectives the client set to himself. The …

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Malta permanent residence for the family which adores Italy

The reasons why our clients think about obtaining a second citizenship or permanent residence are very different. Some people think about the future of their …

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Maltese citizenship for holders of residence permits or permanent residence in Europe

The situation, which we briefly designated in the title, is quite common among our customers. A person received a residence permit in one of the …

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Malta citizenship for a successful and ambitious business woman - Immigrant Invest

Malta citizenship for a successful and ambitious business woman

The lack of access to European markets, the inability to establish close business ties with partners abroad and high taxation are common problems for Russian …

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Permanent Residence on Malta: Solution for a Large Family

The permanent residence program of Malta has become a staple among our clients, tackling the business, study and leisure travel problems in one effective solution. …

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Permanent Residence on Malta for an Elderly Couple with a Penchant for Travelling

There can be many reasons why successful individuals from third states would seek to obtain a residence permit or naturalisation in on of the EU …

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Citizenship of Malta for Entrepreneurial Freedom

Our company often assists affluent entrepreneurs who are actively developing their business. Often, further growth requires ease of mobility and freedom to choose jurisdiction. In …

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Maltese Permanent Residence for Goal-Oriented Spouses

The search for a way to handle their tasks has led our clients our clients to a decision to settle down in Malta. It was …

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Malta Permanent Residence

Case – Permanent Residency in Malta: Common-Law Marriage

In order to help our clients in entering an investment program and getting a residence permit, permanent residency or citizenship in the European Union, we …

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Malta permanent residence: when your status becomes the solution

Visa-free access to the Schengen area at any convenient time, treatment at the best hospitals, children’s education at top European and foreign universities to allow …

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Citizenship of Malta: Possible Pitfalls

In the course of our company’s practice, there were only a few cases where our clients have encountered serious problems with applying for residence permits …

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Citizenship of Malta: a Complete Solution for Your Family Problems

Our protagonists A married couple, Grigoriy, 62, a businessman in Moscow and Maria, 53, a housewife. The couple has two children. Daughter Alina, 26, was …

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Citizenship of Malta: Visa-free Entry to the Schengen area, the UK and the US

Our protagonists Victor and Vera are a married couple. Victor is 47 and works as the director of the Russian subsidiary of a large French …

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