Our client Mikhail received Grenada citizenship by investment a few years ago. His grandson dreamed of becoming a doctor and thought about entering a foreign university.

When it came time to choose an educational institution, it turned out that the best option was the St. George’s University in Grenada. Students of this university undergo practical training in the United States, and the diploma is recognized in 47 countries.

We will explain how we helped Mikhail’s grandson to obtain citizenship of Grenada. The second passport helped the family cut university tuition costs sevenfold.

Our clients — a family from Moscow

Герои — семья из Москвы
Mikhail and his grandson Egor

The investor is a citizen of Grenada and wants his grandson to graduate abroad
Client names and photos have been changed

Why Mikhail’s grandson decided to enter a Caribbean university

Mikhail is a businessman from Moscow. In 2012, he retired and received Grenadian citizenship by investment. Mikhail spends every winter in the Caribbean as he rents a house on the coast in the capital of Grenada, St. George’s.

Mikhail’s family lives in Russia: daughter Olga and two grandchildren – Egor and Anna. In September 2020, Egor went into the eleventh grade and Anna, to the ninth. They both dreamed of becoming doctors and were preparing to enter specialized universities.

The choice of a university became the main topic of conversation for the family. Mikhail and Olga wanted the children to study abroad as a diploma from a foreign university enables one to assume the profession in another state with no obligation to take additional courses and pass exams.

Diplomas from Russian medical schools are not listed in most other countries such as the United States, Great Britain and France. To start working as a doctor abroad, a Russian citizen needs to receive a diploma from a local medical college or confirm qualifications. The procedure can take from six months in the Czech Republic and to 11 years in the United States.

The family compared tuition fees at top medical universities in the US, Germany and the UK. Mikhail also suggested considering the University of Grenada for comparison: he had heard that the university is famous for its medical faculty.

Tuition fees in medical universities

University, country Tuition fees for undergraduate course
St. George's University, Grenada $321,628
Johns Hopkins University, USA $300,240
University College London, UK $240,392
Heidelberg University, Germany $179,200

The University of Grenada surprised the family with the tuition fees. But it turned out to have several important advantages:

  • it is one of the best medical universities in the region, where students from 150 countries study;
  • branches of the university operate in the USA, UK and India;
  • students undergo a 16-week internship in US and UK hospitals;
  • the university diploma is recognized in 47 countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, Germany and the United Arab Emirates.
The St. Geoge’s University in Grenada
22,000 people have graduated from the St. George's University since its founding in 1976. 1,124 graduates enrolled in residency at clinics in the US and Canada in 2020
Source: sgu.edu

How Grenada citizenship saves on university tuition

Mikhail and Olga understood that they would not be able to fully pay for Egor ‘s studies at a foreign university. So they started looking for ways to keep costs down.

Universities usually offer grants, scholarships or tuition discounts to foreign students. But the number of privileged places per year is limited and several applicants apply for each. The university cannot guarantee that the applicant will receive a scholarship or grant, even if he has high scores in the entrance exams.

Mikhail found out that applicants and students of the medical or veterinary field in the St. George’s University are given a special privilege – the Grenada Partnership Award, giving a 90% discount on university studies.
90% discount

on university studies for Grenadian citizens

To receive compensation for training costs, two conditions must be met:

  1. Be a citizen of Grenada.
  2. Live a year in Grenada before applying for a discount.

The applicant does not have to live in Grenada just before entering the university. Studying for a year at full cost to receive a discount before the start of the second academic year is an option.

If a foreigner obtains a Grenada passport prior to entering the university, he or she will be able to apply to participate in the Caribbean Undergraduate Scholarship Program. Under its terms, citizens of the Caribbean countries receive an annual scholarship that covers 65% of the cost of studying at the university.

Egor could receive Grenada citizenship by investment and apply for benefits to study at a university. Taking into account both scholarships, he will pay seven times less: $22,967 with a 65% discount for the first year of study + $25,600 with a 90% discount for the next three academic years.


Tuition fee for four years in the Grenadian university with discounts for citizens

Mikhail also learned at the university’s admissions office that the university is reluctant to accept applications from Russian applicants. Under the terms of the agreement, the university is obliged to provide an internship in the United States, but Russian citizens are often denied an American visa. The university is not ready to take the risk that it will not be able to fulfill the terms of the contract. Therefore, if Egor applies for admission as a citizen of Russia, he will most likely be refused.

The family decided that the best option in their situation was to take part in the state investment program of citizenship of Grenada.

A doctor is a sensible profession with low chances of unemployment. But to become a good doctor and make a good living, you need to study at one of the best universities. However, the prices for study are big. I am glad that we found out about the university in Grenada. Here, you can save a lot and the second passport will come in handy later down the road.

Как гражданство Гренады позволяет сэкономить на обучении в вузе
Mikhail offered his grandson citizenship of Grenada in order to get a high-quality medical education and reduce tuition fees

How Mikhail’s grandson got Grenadian citizenship by investment

Stages of participation in the Grenada citizenship program

The investor enters into an agreement with the licensed agent of the program
2 (+ 2 weeks)

Lawyers prepare documents and submit an investor’s application to the Grenada program department

3 (+ 4.5 months)
The program department conducts Due Diligence and makes a decision on the application
4 (+ 2 weeks)
The investor fulfills the investment conditions of the program
5 (+ 1.5 weeks)
The investor receives the passport of Grenada and the certificate of naturalization by mail
The investor enters into an agreement with the licensed agent of the program
2 (+ 2 weeks)
Lawyers prepare documents and submit an investor’s application to the Grenada program department
3 (+ 4.5 months)

The program department conducts Due Diligence and makes a decision on the application

4 + ( 2 weeks)

The investor fulfills the investment conditions of the program

5 (+ 1.5 weeks)
The investor receives the passport of Grenada and the certificate of naturalization by mail

1. Contacting a licensed agent. In 2012, Mikhail received a Grenada passport with the help of Immigrant Invest lawyers. Therefore, on the 26th of October, 2020 Olga and her children also turned to our company for help.

The Immigrant Invest team that worked with Mikhail’s family

Anna Mironova,

sales department manager

  • Advised on the terms of participation in the program;
  • helped to choose an investment option
Павел Решетников - Иммигрант Инвест
Pavel Reshetnikov,

Compliance Anti Money Laundering Officer

  • Conducted preliminary Due Diligence;
  • assessed the likelihood of a refusal
Tatiana Koshelnikova,

lawyer in international and economic law

  • Prepared a list of documents for applying;
  • compiled a welfare history to confirm the legality of the applicant’s income
  • Advised on the terms of participation in the program;
  • helped to choose an investment option
  • Conducted preliminary Due Diligence;
  • assessed the likelihood of a refusal
  • Prepared a list of documents for applying;
  • compiled a welfare history to confirm the legality of the applicant’s income

Preliminary Due Diligence did not identify any risks that could have influenced the decision of the Grenada program department. Olga became the main applicant: under the terms of the Grenada citizenship by investment program, only an adult investor with his own income can apply.

The Caribbean countries usually allow relatives to join the program after the investor himself receives a second citizenship by investment. In this case, the investor pays only the connection fee and submits to the program department the minimum package of documents confirming the relationship.

Under the terms of the Grenada passport program, only children born within a year after the investor receives citizenship are allowed. Therefore, Mikhail’s family had to prepare a separate application and go through the entire procedure again.

Tatiana Koshelnikova,

lawyer in international and economic law

2. Preparation of documents for filing an application. The lawyers of Immigrant Invest prepared a list of documents for Olga which had to be attached to the application for participation in the program.

Olga, 43
  • Copy of the passport;
  • police clearance certificate;
  • bank statement;
  • HIV test result
Egor, 17
  • Copy of the passport;
  • police clearance certificate;
  • birth certificate;
  • HIV test result
Anna, 15
  • Copy of the passport;
  • birth certificate;
  • HIV test result
  • Copy of the passport;
  • police clearance certificate;
  • bank statement;
  • HIV test result
  • Copy of the passport;
  • police clearance certificate;
  • birth certificate;
  • HIV test result
  • Copy of the passport;
  • birth certificate;
  • HIV test result

The lawyers also helped get health insurance for the entire family, fill out government forms and questionnaires. They then prepared an English translation of the documents and certified copies of the documents. It took two weeks to prepare.

2 weeks

Took the preparation of documents for application

Olga paid the Due Diligence and application fee. Lawyers uploaded scans of documents and receipts to the online portal of the program department: due to the pandemic, Grenada simplified the procedure for submitting documents and completely switched online. Lawyers sent the originals by mail.

3. The Due Diligence in the program department took four and a half months. Lawyers confirmed the legality of Olga’s income: for this, they attached lease agreements for real estate that Olga rented in Moscow to the application. Mikhail was going to transfer money for the investment contribution, so the family paid an additional $8,000 to the department for checking his reliability.

4,5 months

Took Due Diligence in the Grenada program department

4. Fulfillment of the investment condition of the program. As an investment under the program, Olga chose a non-refundable contribution to the National Fund for the Transformation of Grenada. The family transferred the amount of the contribution and related fees to the account of the program department.

Family expenses for participation in the program — $225,750


a contribution to the state fund


Due Diligence fee


application fee


processing fee


passport fee

5. Obtaining second passports and naturalization certificates. Olga and her children received documents by mail on the 20th of April, 2021. Egor has two months left to apply for admission to the university.

University admission and professional future with a Grenada passport

Egor started preparing for admission in advance. He sent a questionnaire to the admissions office through the university website and received a list of required documents.

Immigrant Invest lawyers took over the preparation of the documents. They already had translated and certified copies of Egor’s passport and birth certificate. The certificate and the results of the exams will be sent to the university immediately after receiving. Applications of applicants are accepted until the end of June.

Egor is also preparing documents for the Caribbean Undergraduate Scholarship Program to receive a 65% discount on the first year of university studies. Even taking into account the costs of obtaining citizenship, Egor will be able to save $47,000 on university studies.


Will save Egor on university studies including costs of obtaining Grenadian citizenship

Classes at the St. George’s University will begin in August 2021. The university plans to resume full-time education, so Egor is preparing to move to Grenada. There, he will live with his grandfather Mikhail: they will rent an apartment for two, not far from the campus.

The youngest granddaughter of Mikhail, Anna, decided two years later to enter the St. George’s University, not as a doctor but as a veterinarian. Anna wants to start homeschooling in order to move to Grenada and graduate from school remotely. So she will be able to get a 90% discount for the entire period of her studies at the university.

In the future, Egor and Anna are planning to move to live in the United States. As citizens of Grenada, they will be able to obtain a US visa for ten years, so they will not be limited in time to find a job. Olga and Mikhail are also going to get a visa to visit the children in the States.

St. George's, the capital of Grenada: prices for renting an apartment

Real estate experts Immigrant Invest will help Mikhail and Egor rent a house in Grenada. Average rental price for a three-bedroom apartment in downtown St. George's is $1,443 per month

The St. George’s University in Grenada

Egor will have to undergo a personal interview in English before entering the St. George's University. Interview results count towards new student enrollment
Source: sgu.edu

Grenada citizenship to live and work in the USA

As a St. George's University graduate, Egor will be able to get a seven-year residency at a New York hospital and fulfill his childhood dream of becoming an emergency doctor

St. George's, the capital of Grenada: prices for renting an apartment
The St. George’s University in Grenada
Grenada citizenship to live and work in the USA
We talked about all the opportunities that citizenship of Grenada provides in a detailed guide for investors.

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