The Passports of Antigua and Barbuda allowed our clients to visit the UK regularly, spending up to 6 months a year in the country. How did they manage to do this? We tell you all the details.

The Clients

  • Georgy, 53, a successful entrepreneur with an international network of partners. Unfortunately, the economic sanctions against Russia have severely limited his scope of cross-border business activities. Since 2014, Georgy also invests in real estate, which is providing an alternative source of income for him in the meantime.
  • Anastasia, 52, his wife, an entrepreneur whose work does not tie her to Russia.
  • Yaroslav, 19, their son, studies at a prestigious university in London. Yaroslav is a keen athlete and competes for his University’s team. Has excellent graduate work prospects in the UK.

Goals and Objectives

зачем нужен паспорт Антигуа и Барбуды

The main issues of our Clients revolved around their son’s study and prospective work in the UK. The parents wanted to visit their son at will, and stay with him for periods of time. And most importantly: Yaroslav had to have a solid and secure base in the UK, and enough time to finish his studies and search for the right job – with no immigration uncertainties looming over his career.

The Problem

Before applying to us for help, Yaroslav and his permanence in the UK were completely tied to the duration and conditions of his student visa. Which meant that after the graduation he would have only a limited period of time during which he could remain in the country and look for a job. And his parents  applied for visas every time they wanted to visit their son. Which, in the light of the recent geopolitical events, was becoming harder and harder to accomplish. Therefore, each family member needed a document that would give them unlimited access and stay time in the UK.

The Options

какое гражданство выбрать

Having met Georgy and carefully listened to his story, we were able to propose several viable options.

Citizenship of Malta

The Maltese State program of citizenship by investment would easily solve all of the family’s problems. Malta is not only an EU Member State, but also part of the Commonwealth of Nations, which means unlimited travel and residency rights in all of the Commonwealth States, including the UK. But Georgy did not like the sound of a non-refundable donation to a Maltese development fund (part of the mandatory conditions of this programme). For an entire family this non-refundable donation would be as high as EUR 700,000. Besides, the Maltese naturalisation process takes 12 to 14 months, which was really beyond the timeframe of Georgy’s pressing needs.

Portugal Residence Permit

The State programme of Portugal provides residency rights in exchange for a real estate investment of EUR 500,000. And even though these investments can be reclaimed later (the properties may be sold, at a profit, five years into the future), the programme demands that all naturalisation applicants learn the Portuguese language. And despite Portugal’s fascinating culture, our Clients had other life plans and in the future saw their lives concentrated around the British Isles and their culture. Besides, obtaining Portuguese citizenship would take as long as six years.

The Best Solution

The Clients seemed disheartened, but we hurried to reassure them. We knew that their needs might also be satisfied by one of the Caribbean economic citizenship programmes.

We introduced them to the programme of Antigua and Barbuda. This State requires a comparatively low contribution, which at the time of our Clients’ application was lowered even further, to USD 100,000. This sum is a non-refundable donation to the relief fund providing infrastructure restoration after the disastrous hurricanes of 2017. While also non-refundable, this donation is still considerably lower than that required in Malta. The Clients were satisfied.

An additional guarantee of eventual naturalisation is the fact that the bulk of the donation is paid only after the State due diligence checks are completed and citizenship applications approved. Following that, the naturalisation procedure takes as little as six months.

The Advantages and Opportunities of the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship

Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda can:

  • open bank accounts in the EU and other countries
  • register companies overseas
  • purchase moveable and immoveable property in the UK and throughout the European Union
  • travel visa-free throughout the Schengen Area, UK, and to most countries around the world

Note! Important! George’s family was attracted by an interesting aspect of British law. Citizens of some Caribbean countries, including Antigua and Barbuda, can stay in the UK for a total of up to 6 months per year. The number of visits is not limited, the main point is 一 not to exceed the limit.

Visa-free conditions for citizens of Antigua and Barbuda:

  • The total limit of visa-free stay 一 180 days for the last 12 months should not be exceeded. There is no limit on the number of entries. For example, if you have already spent 4 months in the UK from 1 March to 30 June, you are allowed to stay for an additional 2 months until 1 March of the following year.
  • The proof of financial capacity and a return ticket should be shown when you arrive at the border.
  • The purpose of your visit as tourism should be declared.

Our Cooperation

оформление гражданства Антигуа и Барбуда

Having clarified all the questions and details, we shook hands and signed a cooperation agreement. Here, our work to prepare the application portfolio for the citizenship by investment of Antigua and Barbuda began. The process went fairly quickly, as the Clients had already collected most of the documents. The longest process was obtaining the UK police record statement for Yaroslav, due to the slow processing times of the UK police authorities. Yaroslav’s application for the UK police record was prepared by our partner lawyer in London, and the young man only had to sign the papers, which was very welcome seeing his tight academic schedule.

The Results

In just five short months we received the letter from a representative of the Antigua and Barbuda authorities, informing the Georgy, Anastasia and Yaroslav that their citizenship applications have been approved. A month later, the Clients made the necessary investments, received confirmations, and very soon were sworn in as the new citizens of this Caribbean island nation.

Now, Georgy and Anastasia are safe in the knowledge that their son has a secure future, with no immigration time pressure and sufficient scope to finish his studies and look for a perfect job.

The family is looking forward to Yarolslav’s next holidays to travel to Antigua and enjoy an exotic getaway in their new country. This will also help them fulfil the mandatory requirement of visiting the country five days per year.

If you are inspired by the success story of our Clients, and wish to find out how your troubles can be turned into solutions – get in touch with one of our offices! Our specialists have the competence, experience and patience to find the perfect solution to your individual situation.