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€690,000+ Your expenses
5 years To return investments
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The Maltese passport can enhance the quality of your life drastically, that’s for sure. Explore its undeniable benefits to make your dream life come true.

180+ visa-free destinations

Maltese citizens freely enter the Schengen states, the UK, the USA, Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore

New home in Europe

With a Maltese passport, you can choose to live in Malta, another EU or EEA member state, or Switzerland

Economic stability

You can open bank accounts, work and do business in Malta, not being afraid to lose assets due to huge inflation, a financial crisis, or a default

International business

You will be able to register a company in Malta and expand to other EU countries through branches and new European partners

Top-notch healthcare

Maltese citizens have insurance that allows them to get medical services for free and be treated in other EU states

Quality education

Maltese diplomas are acknowledged everywhere in the world, and Maltese citizens don’t need a student visa to study in another EU country

Choosing a licensed agent is your first step. And it’s crucial

The Maltese Citizenship Act prescribes that an investor can’t apply for citizenship by themselves. Only a licensed agent can do it.

Immigrant Invest is licensed by the Maltese Government. We can act on your behalf legally and will accompany you every step of the way, from the first consultation to receiving a passport.

Ellul 👋👋

Frederick Ellul is our warranted advocate in Malta who will be in charge of your case on behalf of Immigrant Invest.

Why you can trust us

The Maltese Government granted their licence to Frederick Ellul, a member of the Immigrant Invest team in Malta. It means he has all the right to represent you while obtaining citizenship, as the law requires.

Any application submitted not through a licensed agent is rejected, wasting time and money and damaging the applicant’s reputation.
Frederick Ellul Lawyer and Immigrant Invest’s partner in Malta
Our in-house Due Diligence reduces the rejection risk to 1%, making sure any possible issues are revealed in advance.
You get a clear picture of your chances to obtain Malta citizenship without wasting time and money.
Lawyers will fully prepare you to pass all the steps on the way to the second passport.
Igor Buglo Head of the Immigrant Invest office in Malta
Vladlena Baranova Head of Legal, AML Compliance Officer, CAMS specialist
Albert Ioffe Legal and Compliance Officer

200+ investors entrusted us and got Maltese passports

Set a goal — and Malta citizenship will help achieve it

Visiting the USA and the UK visa-free

Artur’s children went to study at American and British universities. The family felt torn apart as they couldn’t see each other as often as they wanted to. Malta citizenship granted the family the desired mobility.

Ensuring children’s education and future

Chun Hung moved to Germany to provide the best European education for daughters. But the family learnt that becoming German citizens would take 8 years. So they opted for a faster one-year route in Malta.

Fulfilling a lifelong dream

Tigran’s idea of a dream life was becoming a winemaker and gathering all the family and friends in a cosy chateau. Surprisingly, the path to it lay through Malta citizenship with transferring a business to Europe and buying a house in France.

Gaining equality and starting a business

Born and raised in Côte d’Ivoire, Cassandra suffered from inequity. We helped obtain Malta citizenship as an investor, and a year later, Cassandra moved to the island, registered a law company and could look forward with her head high.

Securing family’s safety

An unstable geopolitical situation made Moshe look for better living conditions. Malta citizenship helped ensure his family’s well-being in a safe European country.

Journey to Malta citizenship starts with the first call

Book an online consultation with our Maltese legal team: it is free, completely confidential, and you can choose any time convenient for you.

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The lawyer will:

  • analyse your chances of getting a second passport;
  • provide all details about expenses and procedures;
  • and develop an action plan that will work in your particular case
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That’s what you get when choosing us:

Saving your time

 We provide a list of required documents, translate, notarize, and apply them for you

Housing in Malta

We have a database of properties eligible for citizenship, both for purchase and rent

99% success

Our Due Diligence reveals issues to eliminate them before applying for citizenship

No bureaucracy

 We help to open a bank account, change tax residency, and register a vehicle in Malta

5 things you need to know about obtaining Malta citizenship

Malta citizenship for special services by direct investment is naturalisation

As any other foreigner, you must get a residence permit first. But if a general naturalisation takes at least 7 years, investors spend only 1 or 3 years to get a passport.

There are three investment conditions to meet:

  • contribute €600,000 to the Malta NDS Fund;
  • buy housing for €700,000+ or rent it for €16,000+ a year;
  • donate €10,000 to a Maltese NGO.

The contribution depends on how fast you want to get a passport

€600,000 are contributed if applying for citizenship 3 years after obtaining residency. To cut the waiting time to 1 year, you must contribute €750,000.

You will have to pass a strict Eligibility Test

25% of citizenship applicants fail it. But our preliminary Due Diligence ensures you are fully prepared.

Your family can obtain Malta citizenship with you

A citizenship application may include your spouse or a registered partner, children, parents, and grandparents.

Clients’ testimonials

Clients’ names, photos and other sensitive information have been changed to comply with the NDA provisions

Some of my friends moved to Europe and complained about how hard it is to legalise and how much time and effort it takes. Immigrant Invest brought a great relief: I literally didn’t have to worry about anything! And I got my Maltese passport on the first try.
It’s so easy to fall into a scammer’s trap. I was suspicious about Immigrant Invest, too. But Frederick and Vladlena’s expertise is impeccable. They answered all my questions and helped me figure out everything. So I trusted them with my family’s future and never regretted it.
I contacted Immigrant Invest to sort all the migration stuff out. But I was surprised when they offered help finding housing, opening a bank account and all that! I relocated to Malta as prepared for my new life as possible, and it felt great.
When I decided to get a second passport, I had no idea what to do. Contacting Immigrant Invest was the best decision: lawyers made my options clear and have never left my side. I’m beyond grateful for helping me begin a fresh chapter of my life as a Maltese citizen!
I’ve always dreamed of seeing the world and living somewhere I could start my day with a sea view. Malta citizenship became my escape to a better life. I want to thank Immigrant Invest for all their kind support. I will certainly recommend the team to anyone!

Answers to frequently asked questions

How much investment can I return after obtaining Malta citizenship?

You can return the money invested in purchasing real estate, e.g. at least €700,000. You can sell the property in 5 years after obtaining citizenship. Within this time, real estate will likely increase in value by 5–7%.

Can I get Malta citizenship without investing?

Yes, you can. But you’ll have to get a residence permit and live in Malta permanently for at least 7 years. You will be able to cut this timeframe to 5 years if you marry a Maltese citizen.

Other paths require having a Maltese ancestor or presidential acknowledgement of your exceptional services to the country.

Naturalisation by direct investment is a much faster path, requiring only 1 or 3 years. It can be done smoothly and hassle-free with the licensed agent’s help.

Do I have to visit Malta to get citizenship?

Yes, you do. You must spend a decent time in Malta after getting a residence permit to qualify for citizenship. Moreover, you will be required to complete some procedures in person, such as submitting your biometrics and taking an oath.

Do I have to give up my first passport to get Malta citizenship?

No, you don’t unless the country of your first citizenship requires it.

What duties arise after becoming a Maltese citizen?

After your citizenship application is approved, you must:

  • buy or rent Maltese housing of the specified value and keep it for at least 5 years;
  • get or renew health insurance valid in Malta;
  • follow the legal conditions and submit an Annual Compliance Form yearly within the first 5 years of citizenship.

Besides, duties to pay taxes in Malta may arise, as well as to renew your passport.

Will my children inherit Malta citizenship?

Yes, they will. In addition, you can add your dependent children under 29 in your citizenship application.

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