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Case Studies

Permanent Residence in Hungary for Dependent Family Members: an Advanced Case Study

The capabilities of the program for obtaining permanent residence in Hungary continues to surprise investors. For example, our clients were the first to be issued permanent residence for a family consisting of three generations: parents, children and grandchildren!

Permanent residence in a EU country for parents, children and grandchildren

This was made possible by the changes the Hungarian government has made to its migration legislation on July 1, 2016. These changes allowed investors to include a rather wide circle of close relatives to their application for permanent residence in Europe.

Our protagonists

  • Eugene, 59, a businessman from Moscow
  • His wife Olga, 56, a businesswoman
  • Their daughter Marina, 35, a housewife
  • Their grandson Artyom, 13, a school student

Goals and objectives

Eugene is our customer since 2014. He had long dreamed of moving to a quiet and peaceful European country with an average standard of living. In the course of our past cooperation, we helped him and his wife to obtain permanent residence in Hungary.

The couple received the status in a country that does not require permanent residence on its territory. The grandchildren could not participate in the program at that time. However, thanks to the new changes, Eugene decided to get permanent status for them too.

In addition, our client adores his grandson Artyom. The goal was to give him a decent education in one of the best universities in Europe. Eugene also wants his grandson to obtain the EU citizenship which would provide him with ample opportunities for finding a great job. Thanks to the new conditions, that became just possible.

Contacting Immigrant Invest

Already having the experience of working with us, Eugene immediately decided to contact our company.

We have signed the contract and started our work.

Beginning of our cooperation

We had no difficulty to collect the necessary package of documents for Eugene’s daughter and grandson who were to take part in the program. We notarized and apostilled copies of the documents and filed them to the Hungarian Office of Immigration and Nationality.

According to the rules, the documents were reviewed for 30 days. Usually, the term rarely takes longer than 2 months. In Eugene’s case, we encountered yet another difficulty which caused the process to be delayed for another six months.

What difficulties did we face?

The new changes to the program allowed obtaining permanent residence in Hungary for adult children and parents of the investor who are financially dependent on him. However, the new legislation has not established the criteria to determine the degree of financial dependence.

The Office of Immigration and Nationality has provided us with a minimum list of the necessary documents and we filed the documentation. But it was not enough. The Office of Immigration and Nationality began to request additional documents proving the financial dependence of our clients on the main investor.

Subsequently, we have repeatedly faced with that problem. Our experts provided Hungarian side with all documents required by the law, yet it kept requesting additional confirmation.

In general, each of the clients received two or three additional requests. As a result, the review process took six months. Meanwhile, many of our clients wanted to obtain permanent residence in Europe not only for themselves but also for their relatives knowing about the new changes.

Positive decision

Of course, we have not stopped our work and made sure the application was reviewed by Hungarian immigration officer. A positive result ensued.

We recommend that all our clients who included financially dependent parents and children in their application should be patient. The delay is caused by the Hungarian party.

Meanwhile, we are taking all steps to ensure that the period for obtaining Hungarian residence permits complies with legal regulations. We also give individual recommendations for our new clients which will reduce the review period.

What makes the Hungarian program so attractive?

  • A single investment of EUR 300,000 + administrative fees in the amount of EUR 60,000 allows obtaining residence status for all applicants with no additional costs.
  • New changes introduced in 2016 allow including children under 35 years of age who are financially dependent on the investor. This unique condition is not offered by any other immigration program in the world!
  • According to these changes, the investor may include his grandchildren who are financially dependent on him in his application.
  • Hungary is a country with a fairly high standard of living which is considered average by European standards. High-quality medicine, education and affordable prices can be found here.
  • Investor and his family are not required to permanently reside in the country (as opposed to the program for obtaining residence permits in the UK) so the family can use Hungary as a safety net at the beginning.
  • Permanent status gives virtually the same rights as citizenship.
  • The whole family can travel all 28 Schengen countries visa-free.
  • Eugene’s grandson Artyom is able to study in any EU institution and does not need a student visa.
  • In 8 years, the family will be able to apply for citizenship of Hungary and get the EU passports allowing them to live, work or run a business without restrictions in any EU country.

Results of our cooperation

The story of Eugene has become truly unique! For the first time in the history of the program, permanent residence in Hungary was obtained by financially dependent 35-year-old daughter and a minor grandchild. The case was difficult but we managed to collect the necessary documents and prove that investor relatives can now take advantage of the program.

After that, another client of our company successfully obtained permanent residency in Hungary for his grandson. Thus, we have confirmed our status of an effective company with a vast experience of working with the Office of Immigration and Nationality.

The Hungarian program offers a unique opportunity to obtain permanent residence for your family members and provide them with benefits of living in the European Union and holding the EU citizenship. Why not take advantage right now?

Immigrant Invest is a licensed agent for government programs in the European Union and the Caribbean.

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