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Malta permanent residence for a young family from Kazakhstan

Sometimes people who want to spend time in a particular European country are sure that to do this, they need to apply for a residence permit or citizenship in this particular country. The story of Ruslan and his family confirms that it is not necessary to use the most obvious solution to achieve the goals.

Malta permanent residence instead of a Spain golden visa

Our customers

  • The client: Ruslan (39 years old), successful businessman in the IT field
  • His spouse: Azima (33 years old)
  • Their children: Gulnara (5 years), Aydar (2 years)

We met Ruslan at one of the events. In the conversation, it turned out that he was very concerned about the future of his children and had long begun to consider various options for obtaining a residence permit in one of the EU countries.

In particular, Ruslan was aimed at Spain: he was on holiday in this country many times, liked the climate, the atmosphere. It seemed that everything was settled in the right direction to obtain a residence permit hier.

Goals and objectives

The client came to us with clear goals and objectives:

  • Permanent residence permit in the EU;
  • Permanent residence permit in the EU;
    Emergency option (the ability to move to Europe at any time);
  • Education of children in an international English school with the possibility to enter leading universities in the UK in the future;
  • Retaining of the passport of Kazakhstan at this stage;

The solution seemed obvious - applying for a «Gold visa» in Spain. However, having studied the te s of the program in details, it turned out that it didn’t suit Ruslan.

He did not want to invest in real estate.
The option of acquiring financial assets would be more interesting, but the amount of investments that must be made (from 1,000,000 euro) did not suit the client.

It was also important, that Ruslan was still focused on permanent residence. At the same time he would have not been able to stay in the chosen country for a long time. To obtain a permanent resident status, Ruslan and his family would have to live in Spain at least 183 days a year for five years.

Together with this, Ruslan insistently wanted to be able to send children and a spouse to Spain for the summer, without counting how many days they were there and not to have problems with a permanent visa application.

A non-obvious solution

After studying all the demands of the client, we offered him an option to participate in Malta permanent residence program.

This program gives you the opportunity to obtain a permanent residence permit, without staying in the country a single day a year. Thus, the task with a summer vacation in Spain was solved, as the family could easily move without visas through the Schengen zone.

An important and decisive factor was the terms of the program, under which Ruslan could purchase Malta bonds in the amount of two times less (250,000 euros) than the minimum investment threshold of the program of Spain (500,000 euros in real estate).

This tool was more familiar and comfortable for the client, while he could easily sell them and return the investment in 5 years.

In addition, these securities bring in more income than European deposits, which, in principle, is a good option to preserve the savings. There are no obligations for the purchase of real estate in this program, and the rent was quite suitable for the client.

One of the decisive factors was also the availability of international English schools, which gave children the opportunity to enter UK universities on preferential terms after finishing this school.


Since Ruslan put the future of his children at the forefront of his interests, this fact played an important role in the decision making. The choice was made and we began preparations.

The big advantage for the client was the fact that we have an office with a Russian-speaking lawyer in Malta. Ruslan decided that he would collect a package of necessary documents in Kazakhstan and go with them to Malta to speed up the process and make it more comfortable for himself.

Our lawyer accompanied our client at each stage of the process, explaining in details what, where and when he should do, so there were no difficulties in the whole process.

Let us recall that under the terms of the program the investor should:

  • purchase state-owned Malta * bonds worth 250 thousand euro for 5 years
  • rent property in Malta for 10-12 thousand euros per year or buy housing for 270-320 thousand euros
  • pay a one-time administrative fee of 30 thousand euros
  • get medical insurance
  • confirm the availability of 500 thousand euros of capital, or 100 thousand euros of annual income.

* Since September 2018, the government has allowed investors to acquire any Maltese securities.

The result

After 6 months, Ruslan and his family received permanent resident permits of Malta, which allowed them to travel to EU anytime without any problems, unnecessary complications and the necessity to renounce the citizenship of Kazakhstan.

Ruslan became more mobile and could fly to the negotiations in the EU anytime without any problems, and if the business process was delayed, he no longer worried about that he has to fly out ahead of time.
Gulnara began to study English in one of the preparatory schools in Malta and in the near future will go to school that Azima is currently choosing for her.

As a result, we managed to solve all the tasks of the client most effectively, to create comfortable conditions in the whole process and minimize the time costs of the client to participate in the program.

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