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Residence Permit in Hungary: Living in Europe upon Doctor’s Recommendations

Thanks to the program of obtaining residence permit in Hungary, our clients resolved the problem of their unlimited staying in the European Union and getting high-quality treatment at thermal resorts. It is important that thanks to our specialists, the entire registration procedure took only a month. Here is a story about how we could make it.

Residence permit by investment in a EU country for high-quality treatment

Our Clients

A married couple of retirement age, Andrey (70) and Ekaterina (67) live in Moscow, but they need to spend several times a year on thermal resorts for health reasons.


Our customers’ state of health required regular visits to resorts with a specific type of thermal springs. In the previous 2 years, Andrey and Ekaterina visited the Spanish region of Archena, where the recommended resorts are located. Unfortunately, their health did not allow them to cease these trips – they were forced to regularly come to Spain and to stay there for a long time.

Due to the accumulated funds, the couple could live in Europe for several months a year without any problems. However, the requirements of the EU Visa Code and migration services are as follows: Andrey and Ekaterina were allowed to stay in the Schengen area for no more than 3 months within every six months.

Our clients had to count the number of days spent in Spain, and upon the expiration of their Schengen visas, they had to re-collect documents and to apply for their visas again. At the advanced age, these efforts unsettle a person and have a negative effect on one’s health.

At the last attempt to obtain their Schengen visas, Andrey and Ekaterina faced an unscheduled delay. Migration services delayed the issuance of their documents without any explanations, although the thermal therapy was about to begin and the couple had already paid for their accommodation and therapeutic programs at the resort. However, the couple failed to depart to Spain in time.

This incident was the last straw. They asked our company to help them find a solution to the problem.

Goals And Objectives

Andrey and Ekaterina addressed to our company asking to help them in resolving the problem of their long-term stay in Europe without the need to take regular flights back and forth and to keep track of terms of their stay. They no longer wanted to depend on the migration services issuing visas to the Schengen area.

We faced quite a challenging task – to obtain residence permits for our clients in Europe, while choosing a country, which is the most favorable with regard to their health and funds.

Finding Solution

We questioned the spouses closely about their diseases and even held a meeting with their personal physician to learn about recommendations given on their treatment. We found out that Ekaterina was prescribed physiotherapy and regular visits to certain thermal springs in order to rehabilitate after a lumbar region injury and ribs fracture. Andrey was also recommended to have hydrotherapeutic procedures because of problems with the spine.

It is quite reasonable that the spouses, who received treatment in Spain, initially tended to obtain their residence permits there. However, they changed their mind during our meetings. Our task was to find an option that would answer our clients’ purposes to the full. The easiest way would be to insist on receiving residence permit in Spain, but we understood that Andrey and Ekaterina do not need "golden cards" of this country.

The fact is that a state program for obtaining residence permit in Spain involves purchasing real estate in the amount of at least €500 thousand in this country. But our clients were not ready to spend such funds. In addition, the couple was not comfortable with Spanish climate.

We explored all European health resorts suitable for the treatment of Andrey and Ekaterina’s illnesses and consulted their physician about the choice once again. Eventually, we advised the couple to take a closer look at Heviz hydropathic health resort in Hungary, which fully met their doctor’s recommendations.

Why Did Our Customers Support Our Choice?

In summer, following our recommendation Andrey and Ekaterina went to Hungary, spending most of their time in Heviz. The local climate turned out to be milder than in Spain, and our clients were more accustomed to it. In a short time, bathing in the thermal waters and taking mud baths had a beneficial effect on their health.

After a long journey through Hungary, the couple decided to settle down at Lake Heviz. And they were so impressed by the place, where they planned to live, that they announced about their decision straight from Hungary and requested to arrange a search for residential property there in the shortest possible time.

Actions We Took

We quickly put Andrey and Ekaterina in touch with our Russian-speaking real estate broker, who being informed about spouses’ requirements beforehand helped them to find a cottage within walking distance from Lake Heviz.

Then, there was little left to do – to collect the required documents and to schedule their submission to a Hungarian embassy. Our staff prepared statements and cover letters, and in late summer we assisted the clients and submitted the documents.

At the same time we expected to be asked during the upcoming interview at the embassy regarding the reasons for choosing Hungary, given the clients’ long-term visits to Spain. Therefore, we got prepared for the meeting at the embassy in advance and advised our clients.

As the result, the interview was sailed through, and in less than a month we received the approval for the application from the embassy. Our clients obtained their D visas and a week later they went to their new home on the shores of Lake Heviz.

Meanwhile, we scheduled a date of filing documents for obtaining residence permit in a Hungarian migration service office, located not far from the spouses’ place of residence. A few days later, at the appointed time, our representative met Andrey and Ekaterina on the spot and helped them submit their biometric data.

Progress Made

  • The residence permit cards of Hungary were ready in 3 days after the biometric data delivery
  • The spouses no longer need to keep track of dates of their entry/exit from the EU – they can stay in Hungary as long as they want
  • Their health-improving treatment is administered on a scheduled basis and nothing can prevent it
  • The couple is planning to open their bank accounts in Hungary and to purchase another property there (and we will gladly help them in the following steps)
  • Their children have been also weighing the possibility to obtain their residence permit in Europe, but have not decided on the country yet

Andrey and Ekaterina’s story is only a part of our experience. If you want to solve your individual challenges related to your staying in Europe, formalizing your official status or buying real estate there, we will gladly help you.

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