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Residence Permit in Austria: How to Receive the Status in 10 days?

We are often asked about how fast one can get an official status in the European countries? It is difficult to give the answer. For example, obtaining Maltese citizenship can take up to 16-18 months. At the same time, our clients have obtained their residence permits in Austria... within record 10 days. How exactly? Keep reading.

How to get Austria residence permit for living and studying in the country

Our protagonists

Eugenia, 43, a business owner in Moscow.

Alina, 18, her daughter, a student at the Austrian university.

Alina is in the middle of her first year of studies in Austria and she is not sure she could remain in the country after graduation. Her mother is concerned about this question too and is worried about the future of her daughter.

Goals and objectives

The main goal for Alina is to stay in Austria after graduation in order to get a prestigious job. Eugenia fully supports her daughter’s decision. She plans to buy a small business in Austria in 2-3 years and live there together with Alina. She is going to manage her business in Moscow remotely, especially since the company does not require her direct presence. Eugenia is not planning to find a job in Austria.

The problem

Both ladies were confused with one question: will Alina be able to stay in the country after graduation? They looked through our homepage and decided to revert to us.

According to the Law of residence and settlement of Austria, Alina is allowed to the territory of Austria only during her studies using her student visa. After that, she can get an additional visa to find a job for a maximum of 6 months. Once the visa expires, she will have to leave the country. Our expert provided references to official documents and extracts from Austrian legislative acts.

The family was disappointed and was forced to seek an acceptable solution.

Our suggestion

We should resolve the situation taking into account the goals of Eugene as well as her daughter-student. We involved the austrian attorney and found suitable solution. The best solution for the Eugene and Alina was to obtain residence permits in Austria as the persons of independent means. The requirements are quite simple:

  • children may be included
  • the bank account of the applicant should contain at least EUR 20,000 for each adult family member and EUR 10,000 for a minor child (Alina is considered an adult)
  • the applicant's income must be at least EUR 2,000 per month for each family member
  • as a supplement to the standard set of documents, a certificate of no criminal record and a university diploma must be attached
  • basic knowledge of German
  • it is necessary to rent or buy a property
  • health insurance for all family members

These requirements are not challenging. They were quite acceptable for Eugenia. But with Austria, there is another problem. Residence permits are issued according to the quotas. But with our information support and help of austrian attorney we resolved this issue. Over the past 5 years, more than 250 families were granted Austrian residence permits with our involvement.

What solution was found?

Most important task was get into quota. Eugenia and Alina contacted us at the end of 2016, just before the distribution of quotas. We had little time left and set to work immediately. Here is what we did:

  • found a suitable property in Austria and helped with a rental contract
  • helped with health insurance
  • austrian attorney filled out all applications and forms and made all the necessary clarifications to the application
  • Alina speaks German and Eugenia learned it at university. We enrolled her in an accelerated language course and thus both ladies obtain certificates confirming their German speaking skills
  • with support of the local lawyer Eugenia applied for a visa D for her trip to Austria (Alina already held a student visa)

We were well prepared to file an application!

Express residency in Austria

Further on, the events were unfolding rapidly. Eugenia and Alina, have applied for residence permits on January 2, 2017.

It was quite possible the client was the first to apply in 2017. She submitted the set of documents at 8 am. At about 2 pm, the home inspector came to check upon our clients’ housing conditions. We made all the necessary preparations and accompanied our clients during the inspection.

Authorities had no complaints about the application. It is noteworthy that the review process for the persons of independent means in Austria usually takes up to 4 weeks. However, we have got a pleasant surprise: the austrian attorney informed us on positive decision on January 12th (i.e., 10 days later) and our customers obtained their residence permits.

Results of our cooperation

The result of our work has pleased both clients as they got even more advantages they were hoping for.

  • Alina obtained a status of a person of independent means. It should be noted that this occurs in rare cases! Now Alina does not need to worry she would have to leave Austria after graduation or in case she fails to get the required number of points for her courses.
  • Спустя 5 лет (как раз после окончания вуза) у Алины уже будет статус ПМЖ Австрии, который даст ей полноценный досту5 years later (just after graduation) Alina will obtain permanent residence in Austria, which will give her full access to the labor market and will provide her with the same privileges enjoyed by the citizens of Austria.
  • Since one has to stay in Austria for at least 183 days a year, Eugenia decided to move to this European country and now, as planned, is remotely involved in the activities of her Moscow company.
  • Eugenia plans to sell her share of the Russian business and open a small company in Austria, especially since the permanent status allows her to do so.
  • This year, our clients want to take a trip across Europe, given that Austrian residence permit allows them to travel the Schengen countries visa-free.

The story of Eugenia and Alina ended just as we planned. We were very pleased with the timing of granting them residence permits. It confirmed once again that the most important factor defining your success in obtaining residence in Europe are experience and knowledge.

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