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Which investment option to choose to get a Dominica passport: a contribution to a state fund or real estate?

Investors can obtain second citizenship of Dominica, a small Caribbean country, in two ways: by contributing to a state fund or buying property on the island.

The two options are distinguished by a minimum investment amount, the possibility of returning it, and additional payments. Let's compare the costs under both investment options.

Dominica citizenship: investment program options comparison

Dominica has a state citizenship program for investors. Applicants have two investment options available:

  1. $100,000 is the minimum contribution to a state fund.
  2. $200,000 is the minimum transaction value when purchasing real estate.

One can obtain Dominica citizenship by investment within 3 to 6 months. The procedure is entirely remote: you don't need to come to the island to receive documents.

An investor can add family members to the citizenship application: a spouse, children under 30, parents, and siblings under 25.

Children, parents, brothers and sisters must depend financially on the investor. The participation of relatives is paid additionally. The total expenses depend on the family members’ number and age.

Fund contribution option

$100,000+ is the contribution amount to the Dominica Economic Diversification Fund. These investments can not be returned. Investors' money is used to build the island's housing, hospitals, schools and other urban infrastructure.

A smaller investment amount is the main advantage of the option. Although the investment is non-returnable, the option cost is two to three times lower than when buying real estate.

The contribution amount depends on the number of family members the investor adds to the citizenship application. If the investor participates in the program alone, the contribution is $100,000 with additional costs of $9,815. 

If the investor adds family members to the citizenship application, the fund contribution and additional costs increase depending on the number of participants and their age.

Minimum expenses on obtaining Dominica citizenship

Fund contribution$100,000
Contribution for an investor

+ $50,000 for a spouse
+ $75,000 for a family of four
+ $25,000 per applicant aged 18 to 30, if there are more than four people in the family
+ $50,000 per sibling aged 18 to 25 or parent
Due Diligence$7,500
Due Diligence fee for an investor

+ $4,000
Due Diligence fee per spouse and additional applicant over 16

Due Diligence fee for a family of four
Information processing fee$1,000 
Per application
Forms processing fee$250
Per applicant
Passport fee$500
Per applicant
Banking fee$315
Per applicant
Issuance of the naturalisation certificate$250 
Per applicant

Real estate purchase

$200,000 is the minimum price when obtaining Dominica citizenship by purchasing a property on the island.

The investment return is the main advantage of the option. An investor can sell a share or a property in 3 years after obtaining citizenship. If an investor wants to sell a property in a way the buyer could also get citizenship, the ownership time is 5 years.

What unique opportunity can the Dominica investment program offer

Minimum expenses on obtaining Dominica citizenship

Property purchase price$200,000+
Government fee$25,000 
For an investor

For a married couple

For a family of four

For a family of five or six

For a family of seven

+ $25,000 per additional member aged 16 to 30
+ $50,000 per sibling aged 18 to 25
+ $10,050 per parent
Due Diligence$7,500
Due Diligence fee for an investor

Due Diligence fee per spouse and additional applicant over 16
Processing fee$1,000 
Per application
Passport fee$361
Per applicant
Forms processing fee$250
Per applicant
Banking fee$270
Per applicant
Issuance of the naturalisation certificate$250 
Per applicant

The investor receives additional income from the rental of real estate. When the construction of the chosen hotel is completed, the investor will get 2 to 5% per annum.

One can buy the entire property in ownership or take part in constructing real estate. The share may be in a physical property, securities, or a trust.

Examples of investment properties in Dominica

Investors buy properties in government-approved real estate projects. These mainly are five-star hotels and facilities in the resorts of Dominica.

What to choose, the fund contribution or the real estate purchase?

A single applicant pays half the expenses when contributing to the state fund rather than purchasing real estate. The minimum costs will amount to:

  • $109,815 - with the non-refundable contribution to the state fund;
  • $234,631 with the purchase of a property on the island. 3 to 5 years later, these investments can be returned by selling the property.

If the investor adds their family to the Dominica citizenship application, the costs increase depending on the participants’ number and age.

Here is the minimum cost of participation under the two options of the Dominica citizenship program for families of four. The calculation includes the investment amount and additional expenses.

Expenses for a family of four with two children aged 12 and 17

ExpensesFund contributionPurchase of real estate
Contribution amount for a family of four
Property price for purchase under the Dominica CBI program
Government fee$0
Government fee isn’t charged when contributing to the state fund
Government fee when purchasing real estate in Dominica
Due Diligence$19,500
Due Diligence fee for the investor and two family members over 16 
Due Diligence fee for the investor and two family members over 16 
Other fees and charges$6,260
Processing, passport, banking and naturalisation certificate fees 
Processing, passport, banking and naturalisation certificate fees 
Total expenses for a family with the contribution
Total expenses for a family with the real estate purchase

The contribution requires fewer investments, but the money cannot be returned. When buying real estate, the investor can return most of the expenses. They have the right to sell a share or a property purchased under the citizenship program 3 or 5 years later.

How Dominica citizenship benefits an investor

Second passports for the whole family. Family members can participate in the CBI program together with the investor:

  • a spouse;
  • children under 30;
  • parents of the spouses;
  • brothers and sisters of the spouses.

Ability to travel freely to 144 countries. The list of visa-free destinations includes the Schengen states, the UK, China, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Visa-free travel to China with a Dominica passport
The Forbidden City in Beijing is the largest palace in the world. It is open to tourists now. Dominica is one of the two Caribbean countries whose passport allows the holder to travel to China without a visa and stay there for up to 30 days

Tourist visa to the United States. The number of trips during the visa validity period is unlimited. The maximum stay in the USA is 180 days per year.

Tax optimisation. There are no taxes on dividends, interest and royalties received from abroad in Dominica. The country also has no taxes on capital gains and inheritance.

Education for children in British universities. Dominica is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations. Investors with Dominica passports can educate their children at the best British universities on favourable terms, for example, under scholarships from the Commonwealth Scholarship Commission.

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Which investment option to choose to get a Dominica passport: a contribution to a state fund or real estate?